Grapevine, Texas

Big Hat Meeting

  • 20 Jul 2009
  • 6:30 PM - 11:00 PM
  • Grapevine Elks Lodge


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“JUST ONE” is the Big Hat motto for this year.  “Just one” reflects our objective for every big hat member to help “just one” AMBUC become a BIG HAT or bring in “just one” new AMBUC member.


The primary event this year will be the “The Big Hat Poker Challenge”.  However, new rules apply this year.  SIX OF THE MONTHS we will have a “Texas Hold Em” Tournament that COUNTS FOR THE CHALLENGE.  Don Moore and Patrick Pearson will Chair this event.  Every player will receive 5 points for entering and an additional 5 points for every person knocked.  In other words the first person out gets 5 points, second one out gets 10 points, the third one out gets 15 points etc.  Assuming 15 players, then the winner gets 75 points. 

The “Catch” is each player is allowed (and encouraged) to bring one guest to the meeting and the combined points will be retained by the Big Hat Member.  The guest can be an AMBUC (but not a big hat) or a prospective member.  The guest can win the daily money, but is not eligible to play for or win the grand prize (unless they become a big hat during the year).  Points earned prior to becoming a big hat will go to the “host” not to the new big hat member.

The points will be totaled and the top 8 plus ties will be invited to the “Final Table” to be held May 17, 2010.  Everyone will start will an equal amount of chips at the Final Table.

COSTS/PRIZES:  The entry fee for the CHALLENGE EVENT is $25.  $20 OF THE $25 collected will be paid out based on the number of players to be determined by the co chairs of the event.  Both the Big Hat member and the guest are required to pay the entry fee.  $5.00 WILL BE CONTRIBUTED TO THE “Final Table” prize pool.  Participants will play for an estimated $800 in total prize money to be paid out $400 to first, $240 to second, and $160 to third.  No entry fee will be required, only an invitation based on the points earned in the previous 6 events.


All meetings will be on the third Monday of each month beginning at 6:30 with Poker starting at 7:00.  The meetings will be held at the Elks Club.  Food and limited beverages will be provided.  The highlighted dates count towards the year end event. Other dates do not count, but guests are welcome and buy in is $20.  Specific Dates:


July 20, 2009*

August 17, 2009*

September 21, 2009                     5:30 – Domino 42 game will begin.  Poker at 7:00

October 19, 2009*

November 16, 2009*

December 21, 2009                      Poker at 7:00.  Craps game before and/or after.

January 18, 2010                           5:30 – Optional games.  Poker at 7:00.

February 15, 2010                                   

March 15, 2010*

April 19, 2010*

May 18, 2010         “THE FINAL TABLE”

Big hat members may send a prospective member to attend, play, and earn points even if they are unable to attend as long as they arrange for another big hat member to be the host for the evening.  Only one guest per big hat member is allowed to enter per month for purposes of the year long challenge.  PLEASE JOIN US FOR A GREAT TIME AND REMEMBER OUR GOAL – “JUST ONE”.


The Elk's Lodge in Grapevine at:
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