AMBUCS is a non-profit, charitable organization with a diverse membership

dedicated to creating mobility and independence to people with disabilities.

The AMBUCS Mission:

            • To work with physical, occupational, and speech therapists to provide adaptive AmTrykes to those that can benefit from the freedom of mobility. 
            • Award scholarships to physical, occupational and speech therapists annually.
            • Provide many forms of community service including building ADA accessible ramps and home modifications as necessary.

It is our goal to enable all individuals with mobility disadvantages to overcome them through information, education, training, and use of the latest research and technology that gives them independence and improved mobility. Amtrykes not only help with strength, tone and coordination but also confidence and positive peer interaction.

We use our National AMBUCS, Inc motto, “SHOULDERS TOGETHER”, to work as a team by:

·       Weekly meetings

·       Performing community service projects

·       Providing AmTryke therapeutic tricycles to people with disabilities

·       Awarding scholarships to therapy and vocational students

·       Building wheelchair ramps

·       Special events to promote the mission and as fund raisers.

  Working together as a group promotes fun, friendship, and most of all, empowers the community and individuals in need.  

Grapevine AMBUCS is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.       Copyright © 2007 Grapevine AMBUCS. All rights reserved.

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